About Us

Once upon a time we were simply friends. We would meet and hang out and share our views on what was going on around us and, of course, what united us was our passion for everything new, for the innovation and technologies that make our everyday lives simpler. We are the passion for perfection; we are Maryble.

We are a group of like-minded kindred spirits who have joined forces to create perfect products for our everyday life: starting with such seemingly simple things as phone cases and all the way to complicated technological devices that are, without fail, easy to use.

Our mission is to improve our everyday way of life and to create things that help people’s true abilities and talents to blossom, that allow people to manage their time more effectively, spending it on improving, educating and nurturing themselves. The things around us should not take up our time when we use them; they should be technologically advanced, yet at the same time simple and easy enough to use in everyday life. The mission of Maryble is to create such things.

There is no goal more important or gratifying to us than to see our customers happy to own our products; to see our products simplifying the life of regular people such as ourselves.

about us